A Third of Drivers use Cars without an MOT

A report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has found that a third of drivers admitted to driving a car that did not have a valid MOT. Some of the drivers surveyed had used their un-roadworthy vehicles for six months or more.

The SMMT report showed that two-thirds of drivers who had driven without an MOT left having their car tested for up to a week after their MOT had expired. A quarter of drivers had left it a month, and almost 10% said they had left it six months. Forty percent of drivers aged 18-24 had continued to drive after their MOT expired.

“The cost of motoring has gone through the roof in recent years,” says Pershore Car Servicing MD, Rob Campbell. “It’s no surprise to find that people already under pressure to make ends meet and fearful of an expensive MOT failure sheet which could take their car out of action for weeks have been deferring their MOT tests.

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