Non-smoking cars worth more in private sale

A shocking report by the British Lung Foundation has warned that over 430,000 children a week are travelling in cars polluted by cigarette smoke.

Using official NHS data, the charity discovered how 185,000 children are exposed to smoke in the family car every day, with 430,000 11-15 year-olds exposed to secondhand smoke in cars per week.

Doctor Noel Snell of the British Lung Foundation noted that, “Given the data only covers children between 11 and 15 years old, it’s entirely possibly that the total number of children affected could be in excess of half a million. “

“Smoking may be on the decrease now that e-cigarettes are all the rage, but there are still no shortage of cars with the smell of cigarette smoke,” says Pershore Car Servicing MD, Rob Campbell. “Many of those cars are 7-seat compact MPVs, so clearly family transport. Are these drivers only smoking when the kids are somewhere else?”

Many used car valuation specialists have tried to determine the effect of cigarette smells on the price of a used car. Dealers have traditionally presented different reactions, sometimes depending on whether or not they are smokers, but Campbell advises non-smokers to make sure they mention it when offering a car for sale.

“The smell of cigarette smoke is a huge turn-off for buyers, and will only rise in unpopularity. I would value a smoke-smelling car much lower than a car with a fresh-smelling interior, so “owned by non-smoker” is always worth mentioning in any classified ad text.”